My practice involves composing and capturing close-ups which arouse our curiosity and toy with the notion of knowing what it is we see. I work largely with 35mm film and like to remain true to the time-trapped form these macro-photos take, toying with perception through composition rather than my editing in a digital medium. What we see is not always what we recognize (and vice versa), and one question I like to explore as an artist is our fascination with truth in fiction.

My visual art exhibitions include What On Earth (2008) and Just Some Things I want to Show You, (2003) at The Arches,Glasgow, along with solo performances. The first is a collection of images which inspire curiosity and combine text with image, the second an examination of the Raised Calf - how the high heel came to be raised and what it has to do with getting somewhere.

S k y e  L o n e r a g a n
fine art macro-photography


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