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“Loneragan is such a gifted and engaging performer, both in words and movement, that the quiet integrity of her unadorned staging finally comes to seem like a gift; in a show that talks of madness, but also of how women’s lives, honestly described, always tend to defy the norms of our culture – including our ideas of sanity and exactly what it might look like.” (Joyce McMillan, Scotsman, THOUGH THIS BE MADNESS 2018)

“…no one notices that Mish Gorecki has actually gone missing. No laughing matter,  and yet writer Skye Loneragan contrives, without being facile, to flip the potentially grim scenario of Mish’s messy existence into something genuinely life-affirming and hilarious to boot”

(Mary Brennan, The Herald, MISH GORECKI GOES MISSING)

“A tiny, but almost perfect show….a haunting reminder of some of the big questions asked”

(Joyce McMillan, The Scotsman, CRACKED.)

“…a colourful litany of love lost and found and the comforts of madness in the face off an all too serious big, bad world of adulthood..take your time to be small is Loneragan’s overriding instruction…”

(The Herald, Neil Cooper, THE LINE WE DRAW).

       “it is life’s most terrible, hopeless moments grounded in bangers and mash”

       (Andrew Eaton, The Scotsman, ) CRACKED

        “ an engaging and ultimately heart-wrenching piece. A real joy to see a performer who can bring together text, character and story         with such power,  beauty and skill...”              

       (Christopher Heiberg, Edinburgh Guide. CRACKED

     “ a gentle exploration of the sadness and absurdity  of human life, seen from a child-like point of view...full of brilliant fragments”

             (Joyce McMillan, The Scotsman, 2005, THE LINE WE DRAW )

       “In a kind of acute free verse rendering that might’ve come from Shakespeare were he alive today and on uppers,

               Loneragan poses provocative questions, with the most    vigorous, surefooted delivery imaginable

            (Crikey, THE LINE WE DRAW)

          “fascinating verse piece..about the uneasy line between borderline between adult and children’s stories, delivered with terrific, charismatic poise” (Joyce McMillan, The Scotsman, THE LINE WE DRAW)

            “ madcap whilmsicality…”

            (Neil Cooper, The Herald, A LITTLE LAUGH I LOST SOMEWHERE)

            “Saint-Exupery was, among other things, a pilot and...the piece opens with the four helmet-clad members of a Group for the Non- Specifically Dissatisfied.

               ..an off-beat, Woody Allen-esque contemplation of modern life”

               - (Mark Brown, Sunday Herald, A LITTLE LAUGH I LOST SOMEWHERE )

            “It takes an artist of some budding genius to generate an idea this simple and this brilliant...”

            (Joyce McMillan, The Scotsman, UNSEX ME HERE)

             “If Angela Carter and Germaine Greer were resting their feet at a party,sitting this one out because they’re feet were killing them,

               this might have been the result...had me screwed to my seat.”

                (Three Weeks, Edinburgh, 2007, UNSEX ME HERE).

               a well-heeled entertainment to boot”

              ( Mark Fisher, The List, UNSEX ME HERE)

                Critic’s Choice…

                Festival of New Scottish Theatre”

                 (Joyce McMillan, The Scotsman, 2002, MY RIGHT THUMB)

                Lots of gutsy laughter and giggles indicated an immediate liking for Skye Loneragan’s My Right Thumb

                 .…Loneragan writes snappy pay offs and has a colourful, and cheerfully graphic turn of phrase…”

                (Mary Brennan, The Herald, MY RIGHT THUMB)