A live art performance developed with the support of the Scottish Arts Council (now Creative Scotland). 

What does the Raised Calf have to do with getting somewhere? Inspired by Shakespeare’s Lady Macbeth, who cries ‘unsex me here’ to get what she wants, this is the story of someone who’s running late, or trying to run. A collection of fairytale characters trapped in a court case, in which  the high heel appears to be on trial...with a Top Flight Lawyer who ties her legs together in a short, career-focused skirt, a confused and outraged Prince who seeks a role and representation....a bewildered Little Bo Peep stuck in slowly sinking heels... a Cinderella who’s missed her pumpkin and kicked this whole thing off, limping on one glass slipper...a Lady Macbeth who tries to inspire murder whilst attending to her children...these are just some of the characters called into question when looking at how we (men and women) came to raise our calves and what it has to do with getting somewhere.

Premiered at The Arches Theatre, Glasgow, 2003.

Produced by SCAMP theatre for Edinburgh Fringe, 2007.

“It takes an artist of some budding genius

to generate an idea this simple and this brilliant...”

(Joyce McMillan, The Scotsman)

“If Angela Carter and Germaine Greer were resting their feet at a party,sitting this one out because they’re feet were killing them, this might have been the result...had me screwed to my seat.”

(Three Weeks, Edinburgh, 2007).

“a well-heeled entertainment to boot”

( Mark Fisher, The List)

Slideshow of archive stills Edinburgh 2007https://vimeo.com/141279414

Writer /Director/Performer

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